Organisational Diagnostic – Global Research

3 development workshops and 130 personalised reports increased understanding of job roles.


Global pharmaceutical company seeks insight and clarity re: the value of a Medical Affairs role across the Asia Pacific region.

Create and deliver an online diagnostic survey through 4 levels of the organisation and across 12 countries. 2 surveys – one for job holders and an adapted survey for leadership roles.

Create a suite of personal, line manager and departmental reports with comparative scores.

Aim to address issues: a lack of clarity, perceived under-performance and increasing role turnover.

Audience Challenge

Multicultural audience – 12 different cultures, with different leadership structures and significance differences in approach and role clarity.


Unique branded questionnaire distributed by the company directly to all levels in the organisation.

Create all communication materials and manage the flow of responses. Chase non-responders.

Brand and personalise reports. Create a dashboard and provide presentation slides.

Use insight gained to prepare an executive summary.


Data presented at both leadership and team events.

Insight resulted in creation of 3 development workshops focusing on capability, skills, and knowledge development.

Generated 130 personalised reports.

Organisation saw a downturn in turnover in the following 6 months as a consequence of greater understanding of job roles.

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